Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wishing Tree

The girls and I were talking about our wishes this morning around the kitchen table, wishes for ourselves and the world and I remembered hearing of a very special way of sending your wishes into the universe.
My friend Carrie was lucky enough to attend the Fairy Festival last year and recalled taking a beautiful hike through the woods dotted with fairy dwellings. She went on to say she rounded a bend in the trail and came to a large clearing where there were several children writing wishes on pieces of torn bed sheets and tying them to a tree. I thought this would be such a cool way for the kids to send their thoughts of hope into the wind.

We tied jingle bells to the ends of our wishes and now the tree tinkles in the breeze...quite magical.


  1. I think you definitely need to have a fairy ring dance with the girls one evening soon. How magical!