Wednesday, June 17, 2009

on the outside looking in

Do you ever wonder what the houses you pass every day look like inside? Well, if you are like me, a stroll or drive down a familiar avenue just after dark sometimes offers a little peek into the style and activities of the people in your community.
Do you ever go outside your own home during these times? What might a passer by gather about you if all they knew of you was through your lit window from the road? This is my kitchen window almost always open to let in the breeze and the sound of rustling leaves from the tulip poplar right outside
This is the view from the road

A peek in the kitchen door

and my messy basement...

shhhh...sleeping children inside with the closet door ajar to let a little light in

So, go ahead, turn on the lights and share a little of yourself with the outside world. You never know who's on the outside looking in....


  1. Oh I love this idea... I'm going to do this if I can stay awake long enough. It doesn't get dark here this time of year until around 11pm. :)

  2. Very thought provoking post. Your house looks really awesome lit up in the dark and the kitchen shot was so inviting. I love the wood and the inviting chair by the door. And - you have a basement! How I miss a basement...don't have them in So Cal, unless you get a really old house built in the 20's or before...too many earthquakes out here aren't good for the structure. But boy what I would give for some storage - LOL! Lovely post. I'm with Sara...will have to try this some night :). You always have such cool ideas!

  3. Very interesting! I like the thought provoking part. I have the opposite problem. I always forget to close the windows and we have these two really big picture windows. I always wonder if my neighbors are sick of knowing so much about us! LOL.