Thursday, July 30, 2009

Herbal Day Camp 2009

What a wonderful week I had with these kids as we took an herbal journey! We learned how to identify all sorts of herbs and use them in our cooking and for healing. Thank you everyone who participated, you were awesome! And a special thanks to Kristie Burns for her endless resources and support! Circle Time
Herbal ID activity

picking art supplies...

and creating beautiful pictures

using the leftovers for potpourri

fresh, sweet basil for pesto
Dover Herb coloring sheets

garden yoga

Wildcraft board game

herbal feast

herbal leaf rubbing cards

gathering chocolate mint for afternoon tea

snipping chives for the biscuits

fresh herbs for Thursdays soup

picking comfrey for the homemade salve we are going to make
looking for plantain..
grated beeswax

stirring the herbal infusion

perfectly wonderful home-made salve made with fresh plantain, comfrey and yarrow and dried lavender and chamomile.and the healing begins.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Vrindaban

"See the beauty and mystique of the far east revealed without leaving America. Now you can enjoy an exciting royal afternoon at the Palace of Gold."
--taken from the web page
Walking up to the Palace of Gold

Incredible rose gardens

FUUSM's Reverend Kat Hawbaker


Indian feast