Monday, July 11, 2011

Live from Summer Institute Day 1

Here we are!!...Now what?
Thankfully, that look of anticipatory bewilderment gets you an immediate smile and offer of help in this community.  A little hand-holding on day one goes a long way even for the seasoned SI-ers.

Here, we travel the Middle Path (notice all the different roads that help you get to that same place..a little UU humor ;)
This is such a beautiful campus and we are so privileged to be able to share together in this space.  Thank you Kenyon!
This is a picture of the incoming Jr High students getting ready to "Bridge" into the Youth Program.  My oldest, Lydia is there in the pink and blue shirt with her back to Mom already (typical Youth ;)
 These are the kids that are already in the youth program, offering words of welcome to the newcomers.  The bridging will follow with a delightful ceremony of calling out the name of a newbie and meeting them in the center, welcoming them with a hug and walking them to the other side.
 Lindsay Adams
 Claire Gill
 Lydia Hyde

The youth panel shares with parents and sponsors as well as the youth themselves all the details of the program.  It sounds like a blast...I'm sure I will here all about it as the week progresses.