Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Universe...

I don't feel that you have challenged me enough lately...
 How about this?  On the day I am to launder and pack the family's clothing for a weeks vacation, go ahead and spew 400 plus gallons of water onto the basement floor...

 Also, make certain that the cistern is then totally dry so that I may not even make a pot of freaking coffee.

 Don't forget to make the company that delivers my water extremely busy today filling swimming pools so that he very likely will not get to me.

 Don't forget to further ruin all the furniture that I have in the basement, not to mention all the camping gear and Christmas decorations.

 Also, since my dryer is already broken, see if you cant short out the washer as well so that in a year, when I can afford it, I can get a matching set.

And lastly, go ahead and thunderstorm, making it all the more unpleasant to bail the water and all the while getting to watch more seep through the walls.  Thank you, Dear Universe for this my latest challenge.  kthanxbye.


  1. I wonder if the universe will post a comment here. Damn

  2. Go to Grants rental and rent a pump. I don't think they're expensive and it would be a lot quicker than mop and bucket. As far as the universe goes. HEY UNIVERSE......UP YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!