Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

So often we get swept away in all the Christmas preparations that we forget to watch the beautiful dance that our planet is engaged in and the almost magical changes that take place right outside our doors.
Since we moved into our home last January, this is our first full holiday season out here in the country and I have felt so inspired to make it magical.
For so many years I have managed to overlook winter solstice in the rush, but this year I was determined to make it a special day.
I was first inspired by the awesome craftsmanship of my friend Carrie Tidd and asked her if she would dream up and create a solstice family for our seasons table. Even during this busy season, Carrie produced a hand-crafted wonder that far surpassed any vision I could have dreamed up. So at this point, I knew the presentation had to be perfect and I set to work solstice eve preparing our nature table for the coming season...the driftwood palace was dusted with snow, pine cones and sprigs were added, gems and crystals were shining through the snow and all the woodland creatures and friends came and stayed the night to wait for the frosty family.
I wrapped each family member in midnight-blue tissue paper and placed them in a cloth bowl with a note to the girls that said: Happy Winter Solstice!
*Choose a package and open it carefully
*Search for their magical home
*Greet the friends who are waiting there
*Celebrate winter together!

My girls have marveled over these creations all morning. ***Carrie, thank you so much for making this possible, you are so very talented.
Happy Winter!


  1. Happy Solstice to you. Your nature table is enchanting. :)
    I wanna come play! It's raining here today. Maybe I should take the family out to splash in the puddles.

  2. What a lovely gift and way to celebrate the solstice. I can imagien your girls must have loved these little people.

  3. They absolutely did, and will love them for many winters to come.