Friday, December 19, 2008

Advent Spiral

Thank you so much to all who were part of this magical evening. It could not have been more perfect.
This evening of quiet warmth perfectly mirrored what this season is all about, a journey to a most perfect light that we then carry with us out into the world to share with others. May all of you enjoy abundant peace as we celebrate the birth of the Christ child and a new season and may the warm glow of this time resonate deep in your hearts.


  1. It looks absolutely magical - I'd love to take part in something like this (I've never been to Christingle either, which I also imagine to be really pretty).

  2. dotty, I've never heard of a Christingle...I will google..

    Thank you for your kind words, Jesse

  3. I never got the chance to comment when you shred this with the group...but how magical!! I wish I was there with you...