Monday, March 21, 2011

Our "New" Phone

I cannot properly express the thrill of knowing that my kids will grow up with one of these in the house!  BBBBBRRRRRRiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg......BBBBBRRRRRR..Hello?  ((((IT'S FOR YOU!!!))) echoes down the hall.  No caller ID, No press 1 for english, No personal voice mail, No private messaging, just one familys connection to the outside world.  Ahhhh, how sweet.


  1. You are such a wild child hippie freak!!... and I am honored to be your mother!
    Tell ya what! Your ancestor, Alexander Graham would be proud,too!

  2. That's awesome! Too bad I'm addicted to my iPhone. I love rotary phones. I remember my step-mom having one when I was little. I thought it was so cool... lol. I would always just spend the dial. Then when she "upgraded" she let me and my sister have the phone so we could play with it. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  3. My mamaw had one exactly like this when I was little. We had a black wall-mounted rotary with a really long phone cord!

  4. Domo! How are ya, Hun? Thank's for the visit, Doll.

    I, too had a play rotary hand-me-down! I played with mine last night on the couch even though it is not hooked up yet...tooo fun!

  5. Awesome. They put one in at the library for the kids to use to call home and what-not, and we always had to teach them how to use it!