Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Labyrinth!

"Mama!  We made something special for you!"
Me:  "Awesome, where is it?"
"It's outside!!"
Me:  "Super, can I see it out the window?"
"No, you HAVE to go out!!"
Me: "Like, out on the porch real quick?"
" NO!, ALL the way out!"
Me: "For real?  Because it is very cold out there and VERY warm in here"
"MAMA!!!  It is SOOOOO special and we made it for YOU!!"
Me: " Heavey, heavy sigh...ok, OK, I'm up...let me get my boots, and my hat, and coat...where is my scarf??.."
Me:  "This had better be good."

and it sooo was!
they made a snow labyrinth...that you could walk through...and it was lovely with the snow falling all around and their joy floating through the air.
So, my kids are pretty awesome. The End


  1. I love them! How awesome. You guys have way more snow than we do!

  2. Why am I not surprised that your children would do such a thing?

  3. Very cool, literally and figuratively. We're snowed in here too. You gals keep warm:-)