Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Green" Arrangements

People are so hung up on flowers.  I like them too, I really do but lets not loose sight of the fact that the flowers wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the fabulous food-makers, the foliage!  And we get so excited to see the vibrant colors and frills and swelling buds that the the green that cradles them often go un-noticed.  Even when we are arranging our cut beauties, what is left on the table but a sad pile of leaves stripped from the stem...discarded....rejected.
I'm just as guilty as another but today was a new day and I arose with a vision, a vision of vases full of spice bush, comfrey, yarrow, maple, ferns, plum, locust, old man's beard and lambs ear and what an incredible blend of not only color and texture but aroma!!! Heavenly!
They all stood up and and answered the call of being the focal point of the harvest table.
Flowers provide a seemingly endless season of beauty but let's also celebrate the green!!

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