Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back Among the Living

Hello Everyone, I am back online after a horrific couple of weeks with the Swine flu that turned into pneumonia. I am still dealing with weakness and shortness of breath but am finally able to type without getting winded!

The six day long fever, two trips to the ER, breathing treatments, antibiotics and chest x-rays have given me some much-needed perspective and appreciation for my one body and the health that I usually posses. This has been a huge blow to even my ego that I have had to have so much help doing every-day tasks but the out pouring of love and support, people exposing themselves to our flu to come to our rescue have been overwhelming and I can't thank all of you enough, you are priceless!
Please take care of yourselves, everyone, this is so nasty! It has been confirmed that elderberry, in concentration actually coats the H1N1 virus until it can be expelled from the body. New Chapter has a new product called Immunity Take Care that is an elderberry concentrate lozenge, every little bit helps.

Well, as I look around, I see enough work to keep be busy for two weeks so I better get moving, I just wanted to say it feels good to be back among the living!


  1. My goodness mama...that's sounds really scary!! So glad you're back and doing better ;D

  2. Prayers for great health to you and your family. Glad to hear your ok. We've been under the weather too, but seem to be getting over it (I hope). I hope fall turns around for you and you can get out and enjoy all the wonderful smells and colors.

  3. Wow Mama! I am thinking of you often ~ Don't let your house overwhelm you. I haven't even been sick and I have at least 3 weeks of work :) Much love!!

  4. OH my gosh! I'm so sorry you were so sick. I hope you get back to your normal self soon. I hope the rest of your beautiful family stays healthy.