Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shower in a Thunderstorm

Every time I think living in the country couldn't possibly get any better....IT DOES!

I just didn't think it was going to get warm enough this year for one of my favorite summertime activities. Then, the conditions rolling in gave me much hope. The humidity hung in the air like a wet blanket and the thunder cracked and made my dogs pace back and forth.
The wind was bending the trees and peeling the leaves off their branches. I put my dogs in the bedroom and opened my back door just in time to see torrents of rain splitting the tree tops and soaking the ground. The sound on my tin roof was deafening, so loud that even my cries of excitement could barely be heard by my own ears.

It was totally time.....First I stripped down and had a run around the yard stopping only once to rest in the rain-soaked hammock then it was on to the business of actual showering. I ran in the house to grab the shampoo and a bar of soap. I stood at the corner of the deck where the rain gushed out of the gutter and by the time I was done, I had clean hair and a crown of leaves!
Ahhhh! Refreshment like no other! Thank you Mother Nature


  1. Oh, my Jess! You make me smile all over!
    And...speaking of Mother Nature, she will shower again tonight with meteors, Perseid!
    Last night I went outside about 3:30AM for a half hour. Bright moon and city lights only allowed me to view two meteors. I'll bet it would be different at your place.....hmmmm.
    Love, Mom