Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebrate Your Kitchen

Take some time today and give your kitchen a photo shoot. This is a room that a lot of Mama's spend most of thier day in. What do you love most about your kitchen? your Grandmothers old tea kettle? the spice rack? fine china? prize collection of cook books? your cow bells? (ok, maybe that's just in my kitchen;)
So shine your sink. Give your cabinets a soapy massage. Give the stove a big fat kiss for all it does(God knows it deserves it).

Love your kitchen and it will love you back!


  1. That is an awesome kitchen!!!! You have reason to celebrate!

  2. I LOVE your kitchen. I'm working on a plan for a remodel, and you've inspired me!

  3. I love open shelves and lots of jars. I'm looking forward to designing and stocking our kitchen. Must finsih the house build first! lol

  4. Great kitchen! I really need to work on mine and give it a really good spring cleaning (and new paint job)! I have The Passionate Vegetarian cookbook too. Do you raise your girls vegetarian???? I do and was just wondering about you.

  5. Yes Lisa, all the girls in the house are vegetarian. Haven't quite converted Daddy yet but he is so supportive.
    We should really get together this spring....

  6. Wow!!!! That is one AMAZING and wonderful kitchen!!!! So natural and warm with all those hints of times past...truly one of the best I've seen!
    I'll REALLY have to dig deep to find the wonder in mine!!!!

  7. Gosh, is that your kitchen? It's beautiful. Ours isn't even half that size (although I spend a lot of time in it ;0)

    Luckily the people who lived here before knocked it through to the dining room and put a bench between the two so I'm not cut off and can keep an eye on the children and have a chat whilst I'm busy.