Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to share with you some new year traditions that we started this year. Our gigantic Christmas tree was fading so Sam fired up the jig saw, loped off the branches and the girls delighted in heaving them out the window.

We all took turns writing new years wishes down on paper and carefully folded them and tucked them into our coat pockets.

Then we went outside and gathered the pine boughs and carried them over the hill to the burn pile.

It took no more than one little match and a gentle breeze for every branch to be aflame. We sat and drank hot tea, breathed in the scent of crisp winter air and smokey pine and waited for the fire to die down.

We all took turns tossing are wishes for the new year into the fire and watched as our longings for each other rose into the air.

I made the journey up the hill to check on the hoppin john while the girls took a frosty spin on the tire swing.


  1. wow, what a beautiful ceremony. so special

  2. What a beautiful way to kick off the new year! That was one beautiful tree; I want one like that next year!