Friday, November 7, 2008

Rainbow Co-op

The leader of our co-op class couldn't make it yesterday so the children improvised and led themselves in a colorful rainbow-themed class!
They took turns running down the hill with a rainbow "parachute"

Lydia taught everybody the art of hand knitting (with rainbow yarn of course)

And Grace made this beautiful chalk drawing to tie it all together.

Thank You SHINE kids!!!


  1. Beautiful photos - I always enjoy visiting your blog, it makes me smile everytime :0)

  2. I have just found this blog. Oh i love it. I can not wait to see more and visit regularly.
    You seem to have many of the same interests as me..xx

  3. Just more proof that kids are so awesome and have such potential to be creative, to be leaders and to do so much more! PS. Lydia is so adorable. I like her hair. My daughter is really into doing her hair different ways.

  4. beautiful beautiful photos. Hand knitting - sweet nostalgia for me.